Mission & Vision

Collaborative Development Corporation (CDC) is a private, 501c3 nonprofit community development corporation whose mission is to plan, coordinate and execute neighborhood revitalization projects, expand affordable housing availability, and increase business and employment opportunities in South Florida.


CDC seeks to achieve its mission by expanding and retaining local business operations, providing affordable homeownership and other housing opportunities, increasing employment opportunities, and helping to rebuild the civic fabric in South Florida communities. Working in collaboration with other community-based organizations, religious and financial institutions, the Development Corporation has a goal of leveraging existing assets and attracting new investment to the community while ensuring that residents have access to the opportunities that result from the organization’s efforts.

In 2010, Coconut Grove Collaborative became Collaborative Development Corporation (CDC) and has expanded its horizons and mission throughout Florida.

CDC is currently led by a distinguished Board of community leaders and staff members working to revitalize our South Florida neighborhoods.