Affordable Housing

Pinnacle View


Pinnacle View is a premier high-rise community in the Wynwood neighborhood of the City of Miami. This development is located just north of downtown Miami with spectacular views of Biscayne Bay and the downtown business district. Collaborative Development Corporation is the co-general partner with Pinnacle Housing Group for this vibrant redevelopment initiative in Wynwood.


King’s Terrace Affordable Housing Project

King’s Terrace is the ambitious $53 million redevelopment of a former distressed property into a precedent-setting new affordable rental community. Kings Terrace is located in the unincorporated area of Miami Dade County, immediately adjacent to the cities of North Miami and Opa Locka. It received one of the largest single awards of Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds in the U.S., by Miami-Dade County. Collaborative Development Corporation partnered with Pinnacle Housing Group in the temporary relocation of residents, demolition and redevelopment effort.

A new 300 unit modern community, providing superior resident services, was developed in its place with many of the former residents returning to enjoying an offering of unique amenities such as a splash park, movie snug, soccer field, covered picnic area and public art throughout the community provided by six different artists.