Promotion of Arts & Culture

Revitalization of the Coconut Grove Playhouse


The Coconut Grove Playhouse has long been a landmark here in Coconut Grove.  Many prominent actors, singers, dancers, musicians, etc. have performed and showcased their talents at this site. The CDC is supportive of the collaboration of local and state officials who are working towards revitalizing and reopening the Playhouse. We are committed to reprising its function as a vibrant artistic venue for the local community as well as visitor’s point of interest.

Kroma Gallery

KROMA is a collective art gallery located on Grand Avenue in the heart of Coconut Grove consisting of 19 creative studios and 2 communal exhibition spaces. The 19 studios will house artists and artisans looking to showcase their work in a growing community with a rich history. The 2 communal gallery spaces will be used to exhibit the work of a resident artist on a rotational basis and serve as a community space to feature the work of visiting artists or other such exhibits promoting the history of Coconut Grove. Read more

Grove Rush

Grove Rush is an art, music and culture event held on the first Friday of every month in Coconut Grove’s Historic Village West neighborhood along Grand Avenue between Douglas Road (37th Ave) and Matilda Street.

Grove Rush started from the need to promote and share the experience of the Bahamian and African American culture found in this sector of Coconut Grove with tourist and locals alike. The event will feature authentic art, food, music and events of the African Caribbean diaspora appealing to a diverse patronage.

Designation of Charles Avenue as a Historical Corridor


The designation of Charles Avenue and its designation as a “historical corridor” has been achieved through the interest and instrumental involvement of the CDC.  Strategic and informative meetings were held primarily with the Charles Avenue residents along with other community members for valuable feedback about lifelong stories, their works, education, churches, etc.  This valuable information supported the credibility of Charles Avenue historic preservation and its designation.

Nassau Daddy Peacock


The “Peacock Tour” was developed by local residents as an artistic project to enhance the community and visitor’s engagement. The CDC realized that Coconut Grove Village West did not have a “peacock” represented and purchased our very own peacock and named him “Nassau Daddy” in recognition of the rich heritage of the first settlers and support of this community. The peacock stands proudly at the corner of Douglas Road and Grand Avenue, dressed in his uniform of a Bahamian officer and positioned to observe those coming and leaving our community. The CDC, with support from Pinnacle Housing Group, commissioned Rosie Brown, a Coconut Grove-based artist, to design and paint our peacock and an official unveiling was attended by community, city and county officials.