Grand Avenue Kiosks


Collaborative Development Corporation subscribes to the “Main Street Approach” to the revitalization of the Grand Avenue commercial corridor.

The Main Street approach is a program and a proven comprehensive method to commercial district revitalization. This approach has been implemented in over 1,800 cities and towns in 44 states across the nation with the help of the National Main Street Center and statewide downtown revitalization programs.  Main Street successfully integrates the practical management strategy with the physical improvement of buildings and public spaces, aggressive promotion, image building and the economic development of the area.

Utilizing “a sense of place” model that is rooted in “new urbanism”, in community development concepts as well as destination marketing, the promotion and advertising will focus upon the Bahamian/Caribbean roots of Village West. Kiosks on Grand Avenue will create excitement and will complement street festivals, parades, retail events and image development. Such an effort encourages customer traffic. Promotion involves marketing an enticing image to shoppers, investors and visitors.

The Grand Avenue Kiosks program, in a cost-effective manner, will establish ten entry-level businesses and twenty-six jobs. CDC will provide business and technical assistance to the Kiosk operators. Among the offerings of the Kiosks operations will be a straw market, artisan jewelry, original artwork, handcrafted souvenirs, and information booths.