Kroma Gallery

KROMA is a collective art gallery located on Grand Avenue in the heart of Coconut Grove consisting of 19 creative studios and 2 communal exhibition spaces. The 19 studios will house artists and artisans looking to showcase their work in a growing community with a rich history. The 2 communal gallery spaces will be used to exhibit the work of a resident artist on a rotational basis and serve as a community space to feature the work of visiting artists or other such exhibits promoting the history of Coconut Grove.

KROMA’s mission is to serve as an affordable, contemporary art space for artists, whose creative output will contribute to connecting the spirits of Coconut Grove’s rich artistic past, present and future. Not only will artist have space to present and sell their work, but they will also have the opportunity to enrich the lives of those in the community through art workshops and classes.

Each artist in KROMA will have the ability to showcase their intense passion for their craft and the purity of their artistic vision. By providing this space to individual artists, KROMA will have created an artistically diverse gallery that is defined by the artists who inhabit it.

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